Feedback Report

By Prof. Dr. Boyan Manchev (University of the Arts, Berlin and New Bulgarian Univerrsity, Sofia), workshop leader at the Critical Endeavour (August, 2012)

My first encounter with the Critical Endeavour confirmed and reinforced the already established high expectation related to this original workshop series format, to my knowledge unique in European context.

First of all I have to emphasize the original concept of the Critical Endeavour series based on a flexible but stable structure, allowing variety in the yearly editions while preserving a strong and recognisable critical and research line.

Second, I have to express my high appreciation for this year edition’s focus as well as for the brilliant coordination and the successful selection of the group of participants.

Last but not least I should stress upon the excellent practical organisation of the programme. Due to the generous efforts of the DanceWEB team members, the conditions of the experts work, and of mine in particular, were perfect. The practical details were easy and the team generous in his efforts to assure the best possible conditions, welcoming and delicate.

One minor suggestion for a further improvement would be the following. Even if (some of) the workshop leaders and the Critical Endeavour coordinator have sent in advance bibliographies, the most of the participants didn’t have the opportunity to study them, which imposed to make more or less extensive introductions to the workshops. If there were the possibility to compile, prior to the workshops beginning, a small basic bibliography to the attention of the participants, related to the respective of the Critical Endaevour edition’s general topic and to the experts work, this could make easier the opening of the workshops and the first contact between experts and participating critics. I would like to congratulate the Critical Endeavour programme coordinator’s efforts in this direction, which needs the support of all the involved experts. 

In conclusion, let me express my conviction that the Critical Endeavour programme is highly beneficial to young dance and theatre critics in Europe, and in fact makes real contribution to the forming of a critical community.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Boyan Manchev

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