In total 11 participants were nominated by the Jardin d’Europe network partners to participate:

Gina Serbanescu (RO)
Latifa Akay (UK)
Géraldine Pigault (FR)
Nathaly Salas (SE)
Gilles Becker (AT/LU)
Iva Nerina Sibila (HR)
Laura Elizabeth Griffiths (UK)
Nikola Skocajic (RS)
Tom Engels (BE)
Kinga Szemessy (HU)
Ori Lenkinski (IL/CA)

A twofold focus was the base for this program:
1.) the investigation on general issues of criticism in a rapidly changing and expanding arts world in which genre definitions and segmented expertise are not longer sufficient to create qualified discourse on artistic projects;
2.) bringing in expertise from various domains of expanded publishing, shifting the interest from classical formats such as newspaper, magazines or radio/TV.

Based on these focuses, Franz Anton Cramer invited five further lecturers to widen and nourish the field of research and reflection: Belgian dance critic Pieter T’Jonck (BE), New York based dance professor and writer Claudia La Rocco (US), Bulgarian dance theoretician and lecturer Boyan Manchev (BG), Vienna based dance writer, researcher and maker Angela Vidori (AT) and New York based Marlon Barrios Solano (US), who is an artist, researcher, consultant and educator on movement arts and new media. Critical Endeavour 2012 wanted to strengthen the artistic perspective on own writing practices as well as enlarge the field of public discourse. Therefore, neither classic journalistic tools nor a limitation to dance writing were at the centre of this edition. The above mentioned five experts were invited to serve as teachers and discussion partners during the two and a half weeks of Critical Endeavour 2012. As each of them prepared a specific program, the working days were split in morning and afternoon sessions, with experts coming in either to one or the other. After the first week of the project, the group prepared a public appearance called “salon critique”. It was taking place at the Arsenal, the heart of the ImPulsTanz festival, with the aim to open the discourse to a wider, professional and critical audience, being it the participants of Europe’s biggest festival for Contemporary Dance. The idea was to create “islands” around three key topics: Responsibility, What is the Contemporary and Criticism & Art. Another tool for opening the discourses to the public and enhancing more visibility to the program and the art form was the establishment of a blog where the participants wrote about their experiences, their thoughts during the program and about performances of ImPulsTanz they assisted throughout the two and a half weeks. As each participant was free to choose their specific points of interest, pursue their own writing or investigation projects and follow the festival’s activities in an individual way, the outcome of Critical Endeavour 2012 takes the form of numerous blogs.

Despite the initial concept that the participants of Critical Endeavour would form the jury for the Prix Jardin d’Europe 2012, Franz Anton Cramer decided otherwise. He considered the experimental writing practice of emerging young dance writers not compatible with an as responsible job as the jury task was.

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