This TTT session took place from August 4 - 11, 2012, hosted by the Jardin d'Europe network partner danceWEB in the frame of ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival.
Jennifer Lacey (FR/US) was once again host of this research program for dance teachers and lecturers. Upon her invitation Valentina Desideri (IT), Christine Gaigg (AT), Keith Hennessy (FR/US), Myrto Kaziki (GR), Sri Louise (FR/US) and Janet Panetta (US) researched, discussed and reflected about the current tendencies in the field of (dance) teaching, the current regulation of university systems in Europe as result of the Bologna process.

Jennifer Lacey wrote in her invitation letter:
“we are there for a summing up- we are there to finish this project- we will work this time to produce-everyday- something written something filmed- intense production- its ending.

I will be there the week before for performances- if she is willing and if there is the money- I would like alice to be with me- we all work on the archives of stuff written- contact former participants for interviews and I will finish all the bits and bobs that I have started

I realize this is 50/50 american so perhaps its a no go- but remember- I am european now!

anyhow- I really have to admit that I am at a point right now where i need to complete and finish- in general- everything else in my life is uncertain in a scary way and I think its time to enjoy finishing

I will try to write the proposal letter soon which should make things more clear

if you need more europeans I would suggest maybe a frency from paris 8

isabelle ginot

I am very frightened about whats happening in the arts programs in France with the necessity to conform to the bologna nonsense
also I forgot valentina
it would be great to have her as I think she is in school now- good perspective

„I think if there is a topic it would be about the effect of context on content in class

what would be amazing is to have someone who understand the european university and grant system- the underbelly of the beast
I think Mårten should come and write--ay yai yai
Let's finish!

A bunch of years ago I had a fantasy that old folks should also have a dance web.
We got it thanks to the magic of Rio R.
its over now and that's sad

time for A FINAL REPORT!

One last time together to finish up.

I promise: no impossible questions from me this time
Just a simple one: what happened, what is happening, what do we wish to happen?

What we could say could be important. The regulation of the university system in Europe needs resistance. As the world grows poorer, you know as well as I, that these systems might be the big support for the arts in the coming years. Already young artists are obtaining master after master in order to survive and continue to work. I am still perplexed and conflicted by the idea that mastery of school produces mastery of art. I don't really buy it. IT however seems to have bought me if you know what I mean. If these art programs do not have support to resist the robust and blunt force of program administrators there will be less and less possibility for the teachers to create ambiguous space within the programs that art needs. A report funded by European dough will have a certain validation. That's us folks. Good god how did I find myself in this argument? Too many years in France. What I really believe is that the subculture creates questions and change. It's where the good shit happens. If art education programs become entirely insulated from the dark and damp it will never produce by accident the vibrant, mostly unwelcome thought mushrooms spawned by a weird hybrid of desperate necessity and the luxury of time wasted.

Ok I realize that I am probably composing an ode to the end of western capitalism here, too bad for me and my kind... but I can also look at it as local activism in our own parochial little plot of problems.

Opps I promised no difficult questions!

Cant live with 'em cant live without 'em.

So in light of the above, which may or may not concern you (and please replace your own locavore concerns with mine):

what have we done?
what are we doing?
what do we wish to do?

The surrounding conditions of the body and their direct influences cannot be ignored in our form.

We are lucky, we have the tools of resistance.


Jennifer »

Various ideas and formats emerged from discussions amongst the participants, all of them being far from generating a one and only truthful solution, which wasn’t the aim of this working session. This liberty of artistic creativity, which was the foundation of the teaching the teachers program, without the pressure of actually having to come up with one concrete truth was very much appreciated and considered inspiring and enriching by the entire group, which is currently assembling the issues at stake during the past four years into a full‐fledged multimedia ttt report.

Jennifer Lacey, host of all teaching the teachers sessions from 2009 - 2012, is reflecting on the single sessions in specific and the activity teaching the teachers in general

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