This teaching the teachers session took place from August 29 - September 3, 2011 in close collaboration with the project "Mille pratiques", which developed questions and reflections related to social and political practices. The participants were Laurent Pichaud (FR), Mathilde Monnier (FR), Dominique Figarella (FR), Olga Mesa (ES), Lluis Ayet (ES), Bruno Danjoux (FR), Defner Erdur (TR), Barbara (Manzetti) (IT), Yvanne Chapuis (FR) and Sylvain Prunenec (FR). A written report by Bruna Filipi (IT) will follow. 

Mission statement

Centre Chorégraphique national de Montpellier

Teaching the Teachers . « TTT »  2011.

We wish to organize the “TTT” in the context of the activities of the Choreographic Center of Montpellier this in order to give an artistic coherence to this project in bond with the work of Mathilde Monnier. The temporality of “TTT” could be the occasion to imply the participants of “TTT” in problems which are developed and implemented per Mathilde Monnier  and its artistic team.

The idea is thus` to associate “TTT” with the project “Mille  pratiques » (Thousand practices) which will develop questions and reflections related to social and political practices.

The orientation of this “TTT” will thus be done rather around the questions of transmission but towards a larger audience less won over to the contemporary art. One of the driving ideas of this “TTT” is to lean on what is not acquired and obvious in the transmission, which would be marginalized.

The subject of this “TTT” could be not the transmission of what one knows but rather what one practices and in what of the practices known as marginal can be shareable practices and source of creativity.


« TTT »  will be entred around  3 times :

One shared time of  evidences of what  will be done  within «  mille pratiques » project. (This program will start mid July 11.)

Another  shared  time  and meetings with little groups will be done with artists and  teachers whose have experienced with  underprivileged public. A  leel of practical  sessions will be done around commune workshops.

Then the last shared time will be organised to think together with theoricians, and teaching researcher about the social and political issues and links on this type of project.


Summary of TTT

3 times

- a work of restitution of this experiment, pretexts with exchange

- a work with workshops with the artists having taken part in the project

- a reflexive work with outside contributors on a more political and social set of themes

Excerpt :  project « Mille pratiques »  (Thousand practices)

Among many difficulties, we test the abyss which digs between the cultural practices “qualified” and those famous “without quality”, those of the life of every day and each one among us. These daily and banal practices: how we speak our language today, how we consume and work, how we live ours environment, how we take care of us and others, and well this fabrics of activities is actually a common use of the world, of which our cultural practices said “specialized” are inseparable, and from where they draw their only contents. However, we do not find space where to test and check this community publicly, and this cleavage led to the perpetuation of a situation where art and the culture are dedicated not to function more but like value. Thus “spaces public of art” appear to us held for the only play of this evaluation, suggested with the expert testimony of visitors concerned. We would like to be able to return our practices so that they should be: development tools and of transformation, invention of forms of existence, emancipation and power of exchanges or bonds.

Taking time out means leaving the frenzy and vortex typical of the urge to create (individually or collaboratively) in order to give sway to words, set up distance, gain a new outlook and share ideas about one’s artistic path [...]

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