About the company
In 1998 Pál Frenák, who worked in France for a decade became a joint Hungarian-French company, based both in Budapest et Paris. Comprising a variety of classical and modern techniques the company's profile stands for a unique style and dance language. One of its most important characteristics is the use of mimics, sign language and body movements that reflect on various degrees (circus, theatre, fashion shows.)

The target audience were professional and semi-professional choreographers and dancers.
This was not especially a technical workshop, though the warm up led by Pál Frenák gave an insight to the technique he uses.
The aim of the workshop is to liberate the own creativity of the participants through working with their own way of expressing themselves.
The choreographer helps the dancers to clear out the inner content of their movements by pointing out their most personal achievements and cutting out useless movements and exaggerated expressivity to help instinctive gestures to emerge this way. The result of this work is self-awareness, self-consciousness combined with the capacity to leave the rational ground. In the workshop we will use a special scenographical element to work with, a platform from Frenak's earlier piece Frisson

feedback report Isabella Oberländer (AT)

The residency with Workshop Foundation in Budapest was a reflective, refreshing and inspiring time for me. It is quiet amazing what influence a change of city and change of studio can have to your artistic practice/process/work and Budapest is definitely a great place to do so.  The city is constantly awakening/stimulating your curiosity, even or betters specially if you are just having a good walk around without a definite goal. The three different studio spaces Worksop Foundation offered for rehearsal time where each very different and influential in there own right and it was great to be able to see/use more than just one studio facility.

The Workshop held by Cie. Pál Frenák, turned out different than I expected trough a change in the choreographic part and in hind sight I didn’t get as much input as I hoped for. But it was still great to be able to attend for the first week daily class/workshop and get to know a bit Nelson Reguera.

Unexpectedly I also ran across the publication of “Dance Profile Hungary” which was very helpful in getting a brief overview of the Hungarian dance scene. (It included a DVD) So I would suggest to include this publication in the welcome pack for future dance artist in residence at Workshop Foundation.

The team of Workshop Foundation was all the time very helpful and accommodation. If it was about mundane things, logistic matters, recommendations about Budapest, where the “Blind exhibition” was definitely one of the highlights, or the translation of the back of a postcard from the 1920 of Mia May.  So, I just can recommend to other dance artists to apply for a residency with Workshop Foundation in Budapest, you might be surprised what you will find there.

feedback report by Anna Prokopova (CZ/AT)

The programme of Workshop Foundation Jardin d´Europe is a very unique and enriching mixture. During the period of 18 days (7 days of creative workshop with Nelson Reguera, member of Cie. Pál Frenák, 7 days of individual research project, 4 days off – Sziget festival - and a recovery day) I´ve experienced a lot of different activities such as learning and memorizing steps and phrases, cooperating on the piece of choreography called "Westzone", dancing and performing it at MU Theatre, researching, trying out, processing and collecting ideas. In fact, I am looking back at the time of the residence, time that I´ve spent in Budapest with several questions.

Questions are acknowledged, they specify the process I am in. What is going to be next and how do I continue with the ideas that have arisen while researching? In Trafó – House of Contemporary Arts, MU Theatre and SÍN Culture Center something new to me has come into existence…, I started something I hadn´t experienced before. I took time to realize whether the concept I have brought with me have a potential to resonate with my body and space of the studio. Changing between spaces (MU, Trafó, SÍN) was almost like entering different worlds with their own physical laws and intrinsic ambience. In MU´s rehearsal room, for instance, I´ve experienced to be a part of fusion of things …old-fashioned curtain that covers the mirror became my partner together with white ventilator standing in the corner next to the heater fixed on the wall with many windows…, while other places have good concentration wibes for reading and taking notes, having an introspective form of dialogue.


Let me shortly approach the fusion of things that I´ve mentioned above and share some thoughts.

– Dealing with exploration of surroundings as if it would be an action of composition. While exploring, I am composing/making choreographic choices in the context of body/mind and space. There is something visual to it, the actual composition reminds of a three-dimensional Still-Life moving image, where human partners a thing.

– »Becoming« means the uncertainty of what one may become. It is a self-practice for exercising a process, movement, transformation.


I´d wish to have an opportunity to come back and intensify my experience, share with other people and, in the future, to involve myself in the individual artistic field of Contemporary Arts in Budapest. It was a great pleasure to be there, all the best to Workshop Foundation team, particularly to Petra and Lilla! Thank you very much! Special thanks to Isabella, my colleague and Budapest flatmate, for sharing, drifting around, visiting museums & thermal baths !


Anna Prokopova



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