Dragana Zarevska (MK/S), Rebecca Chentinell (SE) were chosen by Cullberg Ballet for this residency.

Rebecca Chentinell (dancer) was accompanied by her collaborator Dragana Zarevsk (visual artist) to Budapest for this residency. They worked on the basis of a former performance of them. “The Kiddo project” was presented in MU Theater, where they spent the second half of their residency, after working in the
studio of Trafó. This performance was a kind of staged talk show that invited the audience to host the artists while they discuss and show examples of potential childhoods of a previous adult piece by psychological analyzes of the prior piece as well as by aspects of relevant theories and media events.

The work-in-progress presentation took place on July 11, 2011 at MU Theatre Budapest.


feedback report Rebecca Chentinell


JUNE 20-17 JULY 2011


Between 20th of June and 17th of July 2011 Dragana Zarevska (Macedonia) and me,
Rebecca Chentinell (Sweden), where rewarded a Wildcard residency by the Swedish
partner of Jardin d’Europe, Cullberg Ballet, at Trafó in Budapest, Hungary, organized
by the local partner Workshop Foundation.
The residency regarded the first version of our collaborative work The Kiddo
Performance which is a continues project called The Kiddo Performance – A

We are both extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work together during
this whole month in Budapest, Hungary. Considering the extreme conditions and
regulations within EU and for non-EU citizens we often have a hard time finding ways
and places to work, and every possibility and partner that help us make possible to
continue our collaboration is of great value for us as artists and for our projects.
Workshop Foundation
During our residency Dragana and me had access to a studio at Trafó during three
weeks as well as one week on the stage at MU Theatre together with technician
Petya Molnar.
The studio and theatre were both very nice and well equipped, although with almost
no ventilation which sometimes made the work a bit difficult.
The house of Trafó where although amazing with a huge and stunning stage, a
gallery, café, studio and offices - something you wish to see in a lot more places!

Also the MU Theater where fabulous, and we both wish to see and perform at these
places again!
The Workshop Foundation arranged a nice rooftop party for us where we met both
artists and organizers from the dance and performance field. Unfortunately this was
the only time we met anyone else from the Hungarian art field, perhaps due to the
summer holidays.

The accommodation where nicely and centrally arranged near the studio and close to
almost everything. The apartment had two separate bedrooms, kitchen and

We had a good communication with Workshop Foundation during our stay, which
supported and helped us. We would especially like to thank everyone involved from
both Workshop Foundation and MU Theatre, as well as our technician Petya, in the
rearranging of our actual presentation which had to be postponed due to illness, and
that otherwise would not have been made possible. We would also like to
acknowledge the holder of the internship, Lilla Eredicts, who have been extremely
supportive, interested and hard working in arranging and communicating with us
thru out the whole residency.

What I would have wished more for were to have several production meetings with
the Workshop Foundation as well as arranged meetings with others within the field
in Hungary, to connect and create more bounds for the future. I would also have
wanted for the partners within Jardin d’Europe to work more together regarding the
arrangements around touring or connect/link the residencies in a wider matter.

The project

The Kiddo Performance is the first of three steps in a long term continues project
called The Kiddo Performance – a Lifetime. Thanks to the possibilities the
residency provided we have now started our journey in rewinding, developing and
following a project from the time it was a kid until it will become just a selection and
preserving of memories.

Thru the residency Dragana and me have had the opportunity to work and develop
our project further both in a theoretical and physical way, to get started and running.
Our wish is to tour The Kiddo Performance as much as we can thru different
countries, cities and contexts to gather as much “life experience” and memories
connected to the piece it self as possible.

Process and ways of working
We usually work half time in the studio and half time with generating ideas and
concepts and methods in a more administrative way. Therefore our needs usually
requires an office or similar. This time we both worked at the café at Trafó, which
had wireless Wi-Fi, as well as at our apartment, which worked out great.
Thanks to this quite extended timeframe, in residency terms measured, we had a lot
of time to test and try different things and possibilities which we normally (this far!)
have had no time to do. To be located in a different city and context to work is in
many ways liberating and makes the work more focused, which we both appreciate a
lot. The surrounding and context although makes a huge input and difference both
personally and artistically so it is of great importance to get to know the city as well
as meet others within the field to be able to be creative and productive.


The presentation where performed at MU Theater the 11th of July 2011 at 18.00.
The performance where arranged in the typical set-up of a TV talk show where both
artists and audience where placed on stage, hosting each other equally. We built the
concept around our own memories about growing up in the 80’s and 90’s and
worked both as hostesses, the jingle-dancers and the guests and actual examples of
the show. The show also consisted of a game spinning round the fortune-knowledgememory-
wheel where the audience participated and won memories and knowledge
as well as created the real-time dramaturgy by spinning the wheel. Four memories
and examples where presented and performed due to the order in which the wheel
happened to stop and thereby created the running order and path within the setup
of the show.

To have this kind of unpredictable and real-time parameters we wish to both
challenge the audience and ourselves as well as open up for more spontaneous
reactions and blur the line between what is performed and what is real.
Our aim is for The Kiddo Performance to be:
- Self-generating
- Self-sustaining
- Generous
- Constantly changing
- Collecting memories

Due to the summertime not many audience attended the performance, but this also
affected the performance and the ideas about the future development in a good way
and made it more intimate.

I see the presentation at MU Theater as a try out in this sense – a very important
part for Dragana and me as artists as well as the piece and its further development.

During and after the presentation many questions and ideas about the piece became
clear and answered; a good recall of the importance of performing/showing as part
of the process of a piece as well as artistry.

We decided on several important issues about how to solve the problematic shifts
between something staged and something real as well as about generosity verses
predicting the situation. These are issues that have to be tested and tried out to
really get a grip of when working in fields and ways that are risk taking, different and
unexplored from earlier experiences and history.

We decided on some parameters that we will develop further and that we will work
on separately until next time we get the opportunity to meet and work together.
The Kiddo Performance will further on:
- Adjust to and be generated out of the actual context/people/city/country
- Accumulate in examples every time we perform the piece
- Shift between personal and professional relations
- Grow in size and age

During our stay and residency we ourselves organized to meet with Kitchen Budapest
which is a platform for collaborative projects within art and new media - a really
interesting and inspiring organization that we will follow and have a continued
communication with.

Luckily we also happened to have some friends and artist working and studying in
Budapest who showed us around and very much worked as references and support
during our artistic process and our stay in Budapest. We also had some support from
friends abroad; both from Sweden, Macedonia, Greece and Czech Republic who we
shared and tried our ideas upon, and some also attended our presentation.

At this moment we will start making contact with other partners within Jardin
d’Europe and others around Europe to make a tour schedule and start developing
the project in relationship to the next context and place for the performance. We will
continue to search for finances and residencies to secure our continuation of the
project and collaboration, and also hope to get the opportunity to visit Budapest
again to perform the piece as it develops and grows either at Trafó or MU Theater.


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