Six months after her first residency in the Ultima Vez studio, Anna Reti (HU) was selected again by the Workshop Foundation, Budapest (HU) for another residency of two weeks offered by Jardin d’Europe organizer Ultima Vez.
The residency took place, however, in the Dansstudio of the KVS, Brussels (BE). Next to free use of professional rehearsal space, organised travel, housing,daily expenses and productional needs were provided by the organizer of the residency Ultima Vez, Brussels (BE).

KVS supplied some technical assistance. Ultima Vez’ Jardin d’Europe partner Workspace Brussels (BE) offered the dramaturgical support.

As Anna’s solo “Vis-à-vis” was successfully premièred in Hungary in between both residences in Brussels (BE), Anna brought a small set to the KVS.

Even some lights where hung in the studio. This allowed her to work on the improvement of her solo, by focussing on details and elaborating the weaker points of her performance. At the end of the residency, Anna Reti organized a public showing, where several professionals from the dance scene were invited,
as well as five members of the dramaturgical pool. The dramaturgical pool is an initiative of Workspace Brussels (associated partner of Jardin d’Europe) and SARMA (discursive laboratory for dance criticism, research, dramaturgy and creation) where critics, dramaturges and artists are invited to follow up the
residency program.

It is particularly enriching to invite an emerging choreographer for several residencies, as it creates a more sustainable relationship between artist and host.


feedback report Anna Reti

Five month later I got this great chance to return to Brussels. This time it was a special situation, because I was after the premier of  Vis-a-vis in Hungary, and three performances in Holland. Now I already had some experience of my and the publics behavior and reactions. I got few comments, and critics, that I wanted to work on. This time it was a much more direct process.

Pál Körmendy who designed, and made my decor, and helped me as an outside eye in the creation, was here, to help me.

This time we were working in KWS Studio, what is a big clean modern space.

We were working on details of movements, the relation to the music.

We made clear some transition points what were still the weakest parts for me as a performer.

How to be calm, when I don't have something exact to do and I'm being watched?

Is it even possible?

Besides working on Vis-a-vis we also started to play a little bit with some idea of a new creation.

At the end of this period we made an open rehearsal presentation.

Where 14 people were present:  Charlotte Vandevyver, a pool of dramaturges called SARMA,  Kristien De Coster and her 3 guests, and Claudio Stellato.

Again this was a new situation, different than last time, and different from a performance situation.

We made some simple lights.

I welcomed the people, and told them a few words about the concept, and than showed them the work.

Again I felt I couldn't relax, because the step from giving the introduction to being a performer was too big and too quick. The fact that it will be different every time is quite obvious, but it interests me a lot.

After the showing we had a very interesting and quite detailed conversation about the work.

It was good that we could really have the time to go in to small details, and discuss it from different views. There were two people who already saw the work in the beginning, and now saw it  again: Charlotte Vandevyver, and Kristien De Coster. I was happy to hear their positive opinion on the development and on the result.

I imagine that this structure of residency, consisting of two parts is very beneficial.

I would like to thank you for giving me this great possibility!

Anna Réti
22.08.2011. Magyarkanizsa

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