The danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2009 started with the preparation and selection process of the next generation of Scholarship holders in January/February 2009 – more than 1100 artists had applied. After a long and challenging selection procedure, the Artistic Committee (in collaboration with the 2009 danceWEB mentors, Philipp Gehmacher/AT and Christine De Smedt/BE) nominated 63 promising and talented dancers and choreographers for the danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2009, that took place from July 15 – August 19, 2009 within the frame of ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival.

Under the tutelage of Gehmacher & De Smedt, the “WEBbers” approached, discussed and deepened into several different topics in the field of contemporary dance, whereby the crucial issue remained the questions of requiring knowledge and different models of artistic practise/curatorship.

Not only were these questions examined in the danceWEB Salons (full-day meetings with the mentors exclusive to the WEBbers), but also the choice of this year’s guest of the public danceWEB talk demonstrated the importance of this issue: Gehmacher & De Smedt invited Xavier Le Roy to discuss the CCN Montpellier project “6M1L” (short for “6Month1Location”), for which he invited 9 artists, involved in diverse research projects and performance productions as well as in other types of events, to work together during 6 months in one location (Mathilde Monnier’s choreographic centre in Montpellier, France.) The talk and the discussion afterwards gained quality through the presence of other artists (teachers and performers and students present at that time at the festival) at this talk, which took place at the Arsenal (the workshop venue of ImPulsTanz).

To provide an additional, distinct perspective of artistic practise, the mentors invited 4 Austrian artists/curators in the course of another danceWEB Salon that took place in a space / a work place / a studio of the guests. Barbara Kraus (performer), Jack Hauser (writer, performer, visual artist), Sandra Noeth (head dramaturge and curator of Tanzquartier Wien) and Georg Schöllhammer (freelance curator, writer, editor) presented their field of work and talked about practise, daily and general, sharing professional activity and expertise.

Besides this reflective approach, the performances and workshops offered by ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival present the two other pillars of the danceWEB Scholarship Programme. The Scholarship recipients compiled their personal schedule for the 5 weeks from the wide range of 95 performances, 203 workshops & research projects headed by more than 100 teachers

The danceWEB Reception on July 24, 2009 represented the social highlight of danceWEB09: a come-together of the 63 young artists plus mentors with their generous financial supporters and representatives of embassies in Vienna, taking place in the Novomatic Forum (the ImPulsTanz festival lounge 2009). All present representatives, from business, from diplomacy and from the arts, could benefit from this interdisciplinary and socialising exchange, which was crowned by the joint visit of Wim Vandekeybus & Ultima Vez’s performance “nieuwZwart” at Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier/Halle E.

The programme's aim is the exchange of ideas and knowledge - unlimited by national borders - as well as providing concentrated further training. The intention is to create a multicultural atmosphere that is a fertile ground for future collaborations, a space for exchange of experiences and finding new ideas and inspiration.


“It’s like to provide water for fish to swim in, and all this time I was strongly motivated to give and take, discuss, share, learn, discover, reject, invent...because I found myself sharing dance with people, who spoke the same language, even if we came from all over the planet.” Kire Miladinoski (MK) / danceWEB 2009

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