I would be very pleased for you to take part in a program this summer at ImPulsTanz.  Two years ago I made a proposition to Rio and Karl founded absolutely in desire. After taking part in the festival for 9 years, I suggested that the teachers also need a kind of DanceWeb, that we could also profit from the high activity, high assimilation/ consumption,  heterogenous-dance-language circus that is the teaching festival. We could use it to investigate teaching and the medium of the Class. I proposed a gathering of artists who sometimes find themselves in the role of the teacher.  We would gather to take classes, read and have a time of contemplation framed within the energetic  chaos of the festival. This desire came directly from my own experience of taking as many classes as I could while I was at Impulstanz as a teacher. In addition to enjoying my own dance effort during these classes I was really fascinated with the different methods of communication used by my peers and by the very clear aesthetic bounderies the forms of their classes suggested beyond of the technique or repertory content. I also just wanted the time to be a student again, to observe, practice, assimilate and reject. Rio and Karl said yes, so this summer we will do it.

This is a creative project.

This is a situation that I want to happen.I don't have so many other expectations. My point of view is that we come together at ImPulsTanz and use the classes available to observe the divergent modalities of teaching, what forms they produce and what experiences they generate. We can do this in an auto-ethnographic manner, studying and engaging in the differences of  language, voice modulation, style of transmission, identity of "studio", teacher attire etc.

We will not be engaged in quality judgement or hierarchy recognition. We will be testers and tasters of communication modes - what is being communicated and how and to whom. We can consider these phenomena as manifestations of dogma, fictions of our community, esoteric rituals, propaganda or initiation rites. You can also decide to take it differently.

I would also like time to read, to read something, or several things together. I am looking for supportive interesting texts  and welcome suggestions. I have asked for a small book budget.

I would like to offer this time to myself and to you to consider The Class, to engage in its varieties of form and content as well as its production of meaning. We can observe The Class as a creative act for the teachers as well as the students. We can consider it as an art object.

In certain respects this is a paid vacation.

This is a paid position. We will meeet from the 3 –9 of August. We will be somewhere between 7 and 10 participants with a few floaters. Floaters are teaching artists who are teaching during the actual time of our meeting and cannot devote themselves entirely.

Each participant will construct his or her own class schedule. We will have a small studio in the throbbing heart of the Arsenal  to use as a library, meeting place, studio and class room.  I would like it if our "discussion" could largely take place through intra-group classes,  responses to and remixes of what we are experiencing during the day. I am quite open to other proposals. I also thought that we could do an open event on Saturday or Sunday, an all day marathon of class forms, one that could accommodate all interests and proposals, i.e. five minute classes, co- teaching, non-teaching etc.

There are no expectations of what this time should produce - it is a prototype. The project itself does have a responsibility towards documentation. I would like to do this largely amongst ourselves although there may be some professionals also around. The medium of documentation is open.

This meeting is  a prototype:

Apparently Rio really liked this idea. He has proposed this meeting as a form called, ttt (teaching the teachers), to  the EU network Jardin d’Europe.  Interest from a number of the partners sprung up immediately and there are already plans for other meetings. It would seem we are the ground breakers for a pan-european 4 year program, quite a surprise for me. So, a part of our energy will be put towards defining this meeting as a potential form for others. But our meeting, like all protoypes,  is free to define itself, to have a design that is not feasible for mass production and to have some hidden malfunctions.

I do hope you can join.


Jennifer Lacey


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