Ultima Vez hosted the second edition of the Prix Jardin d'Europe, collaborating with WorkSpace Brussels that presented the third Working Title Festival, from December 3 - 12, 2009, in different locations around Brussels.

Through intense periods of residency and in collaboration with its Brussels- based and European partners, WorkSpace Brussels aims at supporting the very diverse work of artists from Belgium and far abroad. Working Title #3 presented the emerging results in a mix of finished performances, try-out performances of early creations and projects that deal with divergent forms of presentation. For this third edition WorkSpace Brussels teamed up with Ultima Vez to introduce the exciting new work that emerges out of the European network Jardin d'Europe (Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld, Florin Flueras, Doris Stelzer, Begum Erciyas, Germán Jauregui Allue, Ernst Süss & Jakub Truszkowski).

The following works of emerging dancers and choreographers have been in the competition:

Claire Croizé (FR/BE): "The Farewell"
Trajal Harrel (US): "Twenty looks or Paris is burning at the Judson Church"
David Bergé (BE) & Kajsa Sandström (SE): "I need a witness to perform"
David Bergé (BE) & Kajsa Sandström (SE): "Noted appearance"
Marc Iglesias (ES/BE): "Original untitled (To her ladyship)"
Olivier Tirmarche (FR) / Valérie Oberleithner (AT): "Show me!"
Adva Zakai (NL/IL): "How to spell a piece"
Varinia Canto Villa (BE): "During Beginning Ending"
Eleanor Bauer (US/BE): "Big girls do big things"
Sara Manente (IT/BE): "Lawaaii means Hawaai"
Anne-Linn Akselsen (NO/BE) & Adrian Minkowicz (AR): "Dry Act #1: Corpse Aroma"
Random Scream/Davis Freeman (BE): "Investment"
Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld (HR/BE): "One"
Florin Flueras (RO): "A brave search of the ultimate reality"
German Jauregui Allue (ES/BE): " Sunset on Mars"
Begum Erciyas (TR): "Ping Pong"
Doris Stelzer (AT): "Gender Jungle-Wo/man"
Dolores Bouckaert (BE) & Griet Dobbels (BE): "Mind the gap"
Lilia Mestre (PT/BE): "The Live-In Room"
Ernst Süss (AT/HU) & Jakub Truszkowski (PL/BE): "Memory reset"
Marty Schnapf (US): "The Swallows"
Pierre Rubio (FR/BE): "Reality? (A poly-survey)"
Ben Benaouisse (BE): "After Talk"
Carlos Pez (ES/BE): "Object Choreography"

From these 24 works, six were trans-nationally produced works of Jardin d'Europe. At the Prix 2009, the jury did not consist of the Critical Endeavour participants, as foreseen in the grant agreement and realized at the Prix Jardin d'Europe 2008, but an additional jury was established, comprising Austrian curator Christa Spatt, Belgian dance critic and Critical Endeavour mentor Pieter T'Jonck, Canadian/Belgian dancer and choreographer Ula Sickle and Belgian dance expert Charlotte Vandevyver.

Results: On December 12, 2009, the second Prix Jardin d'Europe, the new European Award for Emerging Choreographers, was awarded. After the first edition in the scope of the 25th ImpulsTanz Festival in Vienna in the summer of 2008, the award ceremony took place within the frame of the Working Title Festival #3 in the Beursschouwburg in Brussels. The jury of dance professionals granted two awards. The first Prize was awarded to "The Farewell" by Claire Croizé and consists of a Jardin d'Europe Coproduction of 10.000 euros for her next creation. A second Prize was granted to 3 artists who presented a work-in-progress. "A Brave Search of the Ultimate Reality" by Florin Flueras and "During Beginning Ending" by Varinia Canto Vila received a future residence at WorkSpace Brussels. "The Live-in-Room" by Lilia Mestre received a residency at Sommerszene in Salzburg.

 © Wouter Van Vooren