For the first time, the Prix Jardin d'Europe has been awarded within the frames of the 25th ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival 2008, hosted by the co-ordinator danceWEB. It was up to a jury of 11 young journalists from all over Europe and beyond, participating equally in the Jardin d'Europe project Critical Endeavour, to decide who of the 12 emerging choreographers of the [8:tension]+ Young Choreographers' Series should receive the prize of 10.000 Euro, funded by the Austrian national radio station Ö1, as well as a sculpture created and donated by the Austrian artist Erwin Wurm. The following artists were in the competition:

Ibrahim Quraishi (NL/PK): „Islamic Violins"
Doris Uhlich (AT): „SPITZE"
Matija Ferlin (HR):„SaD SaM"
Ayse Orhon (TR): „Can you repeat?"
Amanda Piña (AT) / Daniel Zimmermann (AT): „WE"
Dalija Acin (RS):„Handle with great care"
Olivier Dubois (FR): „Pour tout l‘or du monde"
Manah Depauw / Bernard Van Eeghem (BE): „How do you like my landscape?"
Cristina Blanco (ES): „cuadrado_flecha_persona que corre"
Radhouane El Meddeb (FR/TN): „Pour en finir avec MOI"
Pere Faura (ES/NL): „Striptease"
Diego Gil (NL/AR): „Creating Sense"

Due to the time period of [8:tension]+ Young Choreographers' Series, its artistic director could not choose from performances co-produced by the Jardin d'Europe network, as there weren't any coproduced at this time, but from proposals by each co-organizer, selected from their national dance scene. The [8:tension]+ Young Choreographers' Series consisted of four works proposed by the Jardin d'Europe network and of eight works of emerging choreographers from the European scene.

Results: The members of the jury decided, due to "the diversity of dance making and of dance appreciation", to split the first prize and give awards to two of the young artists.


The winners of the first Prix Jardin d'Europe were Dalija Acin and Olivier Dubois. Dalija Acin received the prize money as well as the small sculpture by Erwin Wurm, the big sculpture by Erwin Wurm together with an artistic residency in Vienna (ImPulsTanz) was awarded to Olivier Dubois.

Furthermore, three additional residencies at Aix-en-Provence (Ballet Preljocaj), Salzburg (Szene Salzburg) and Brussels (P.A.R.T.S.) were given to Ayse Orhon, Cristina Blanco and Ibrahim Quraishi.


© David Bergé & Edit Rainsborough